The McCann family recently took a vacation to Indy for Spring Break and it was fantastic. We visited the zoo, rented paddle boats at the canal, and probably most importantly we took time to rest. Rest may not seem exciting but it’s vital and literally commanded by God that we take it. I believe our culture doesn’t value rest, like rest is for the lazy, but I believe that rest leads to a healthy life.

The fourth commandment God gave Moses is to remember the Sabbath day. It was a day for people to experience rest, worship, and community. The purpose behind a day of rest was to be a blessing so that people could remember what is truly important, and it gave them the ability to begin a new work week refreshed! God wants us to work to provide for our families, but he also wants us to find rest so that we can be the best followers of Christ we can be.

Take some time this week to evaluate your life and see if you are allowing time for rest in your life. Dare I say make it a habit to rest one day to allow yourself time for what’s really important like worship, family, and community! Trust me you’ll be glad that you did!
Serving him with you,

Jon McCann

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