On Wednesday nights we have begun a new study on the book of Hebrews. It’s a book that kind of flies under the radar. Scholars are not really sure who wrote the book. It was written directly to Jewish Christians who are thinking about leaving Christ to go back to Judaism. The author spends time writing about parts of the Jewish faith that most people today don’t understand. Yet it still contains God’s message for us today, for those of us who are not of a Jewish background. The two big messages of the book are that Jesus is superior to everything, and that our Faith in Jesus is superior to everything, even the Old Testament law. It’s my belief that those two themes are important for us to cling to even today.

If you look on social media today or talk with people within the church it’s evident that we need to be reminded that Jesus is superior, he is reigning over everything, and he is ultimately in control. But so many times I think we forget this big picture truth. How many times do we put more trust in the things of this world then we trust in Christ? It could be money, political parties, relationships, or even possessions that give us a greater peace or comfort then Jesus who is vastly superior to all of those things. As we go through this year, an election year, let us remember that no matter what happens, no matter who is in office, no matter how much is in our bank account, how many likes we get on Facebook, or what our relationship status is, Jesus remains superior to everything. Having a relationship with Jesus is the most important thing you can have in 2020. He is superior to everything, he has bought you freedom from sin with his death, and only through faith in him can we have eternal life. So no matter what happens this year remember that Jesus is always better, always reigning, and always wanting a relationship with you. 

Serving him with you,

Jon's Message 
February 2020